How to Grow Wren Eggplant in the Yard

Do you want to plant wren eggplant in your yard? Pak Tani Digital will share the steps. Eggplant is one of the 10 most important vegetables in the world. In Indonesia, eggplants are among th etop 10 vegetables wit the highest production after cabbage, potatoes, long beans, shallots, mushrooms, mustard green, chilies and scallions. People […]

The Challenges of Organic Agriculture in Indonesia

Organic farming is a system of agriculture production based on the nutrients’ biological recycling. Recycling can be done using livestock and plant waste and other matters that can improve fertility and soil structure. Organic farming is alternative agriculture, where alternative agriculture aims to anticipate the impact of agricultural activities on the environment. Many developed countries […]

Coffee Shops Business Trends Are on the Rise

Who doesn’t know coffee? This beverage has a special distinctive taste, so it becomes one of the most popular beverages. Coffee is obtained from coffee beans. These coffee beans go through a series of processes from picking, drying, roasting to grinding before being processed into a coffee beverage. In the past, usually drinking coffee was […]

Steps to Cultivate Salmon

Salmon is a type of fish that has a variety of benefits when consumed. That is what makes people not hesitate to cultivate. The following are tips for raising salmon. Choosing a mated salmon parent The situation of salmon becomes tired when it reaches the head of the river, which is the first place when […]

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