Pak Tani Digital on Startup Fest 2019!

Welcoming @yosephinesembiring, Co-founder of @paktanidigital to Startup Fest 2019!

Pak Tani Digital, launched in November 2018, is a marketplace startup in agriculture. Pak Tani Digital provides services to bring together farmers and final buyers. Pak Tani Digital makes it easy for farmers and agricultural suppliers to sell their products online directly.
The objectives of Pak Tani Digital are to become a digital solution to the problems of Indonesian agriculture, also to cut the distribution chain and agricultural information which is too long.

Meet The Co-Founder!

Co-founder of Pak Tani Digital, Yosephine, usually called Bu Pipin or Kak Pipin is someone that keen to
work on PTD’s online and offline programs. Artisan learning, busy in many operational activities, a bit
assertive and strict for technical matters. Like to share, and encourage and not easy to give up.
Yosephine has been active in the startup world since 2016 and has often participated in startup events both nationally and internationally. Bu Pipin said, she is a startup warrior. Also active as a lecturer and
social world activist.

What Yosephine hope for Indonesian Agriculture in the future?
Farming is not just planting and cultivating, farming is a matter of choice to save world food and
environment. Hope Indonesian agriculture will get greener, more organic, the farmers get smarter
and prosperous, and for young people to not dislike or embarrassed to be farmers, because farmers are
the coolest PROFESSION in revolution 4.0.

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